The problem with Amiibo is that they’re just too darn small. You can’t cuddle them. The closest thing we have to a cuddly Amiibo is the Yarn Yoshi, but that’s just too small. Thankfully Nintendo has been hearing our pleas and have announced the pending arrival of a gigantic huggable yarn Amiibo.

Mega Yarn Yoshi is set to land in the US on November 15 and in Europe on November 27 and will be priced at the eye-watering price of $39.99/£49.99 respectively. There are no bells and whistles here however, as the Mega Yarn Yoshi works exactly the same as the other Yarn Amiibo.

It’s a bit of a high price for what it is, and you’d probably expect a copy of Yoshi’s Woolly World with it too, but sadly that’s not the case.

It’s a price I’m willing to pay for this though… Just look at it:

yoshi-bundle YWW-amiibo-mega

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