With a little under two months until launch, you’d think Robomodo would do something to ease people’s concerns after the first gameplay trailer for the title was a little… disappointing. What they’ve done instead is add cel shading to the game’s characters which makes the game look even more like a crappy mobile title.

Sure, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater has never really been about the graphics and has always had silly mechanics making the game far from a true skating sim, but with the announcement of the game on current-gen consoles I expected a hell of a lot more than this:

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
The fuck is this shit?

Because of this, the overall appearance of Tony Hawk and the gang look a lot more like a Saturday morning cartoon about super hero skateboarders.

It’s pretty odd that the developers would decide to change things up just eight weeks ahead of the September 29 release for Xbox One and PS4, but I guess following the feedback from the game’s trailer, they had to do something, it’s just a shame they went down this route rather than something… better.

Here’s the full selection of screens…

Also, for added reference, here’s a look at the game before and after this new art style:





I miss you Neversoft.




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