News like this both sends my nostalgia gland into overdrive, and shrivels what hope I have for the creativity and originality left in the world.  Yes, Will Smith is reportedly working on a reboot of his 1990s NBC sitcom, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

There is definitely a glut of 90s TV shows on the reboot train at the moment, with other classics such as Full House and even Xena Warrior Princess getting the modern reimagining treatment.  The X-Files and Twin Peaks are another couple which could prove to be actually amazing, but then again, they may fall short.

According to news out of TVLine, the reboot of Fresh Prince is in the very early stages of development, and Will Smith will actually be a producer on the show. Overbrook Entertainment, which is Will Smith’s production company, will be attempting to sell the show to a network very soon.  I wonder if NBC will actually pick it up?

What do you think about all these reboots? I guess if you are under 30, it’s all going to be new and exciting to you, but if (like me) you are of a more mature vintage, there will be some nervousness amid your excitement. Will the Fresh Prince reboot be awesome, or terrible? I guess time will tell.

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