Yep, Guitar Hero Live won’t strictly be an all-guitar affair like we first thought, as in a brand new Behind the Scenes clip for Guitar Hero Live, FreeStyleGames reveals that those who’d rather sing, can in the upcoming music game.

The new trailer highlights some of the ways players will be playing Guitar Hero Live, whether it’s rocking out by yourself on the game’s single player mode, shredding to what looks to be an unlimited number of songs on GHTV, taking it online head to head on the same 24/7 music network, or playing locally with friends.

They also discuss a little about the games campaign, which features ten bands playing at two festivals, the SoundDial festival set in the UK, and Rock the Block in the US. Players will of course be going “on tour” essentially, and will play live in front of millions.

Away from that though is the party play where players can hook up another guitar and play with friends, or alternatively, plug in a microphone and boom a note track will appear and you can sing along until you’re heart’s content.

Guitar Hero Live launches October 20 for  PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.

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