So, what do you think will get Fantastic Four readers angrier? Having to pay to see that new Fantastic Four film, or finding out there is a Russian Fantastic Four? I can’t see that not annoying anyone.

Just a quick sidebar, whenever we get a superhero of a different nationality, why are they always a part of the national identity? I.E why are they part of the Government or embrace the very broad national stereotype? Spider-man is American, but he’s not a member of the FBI or Secret Service, nor does he keep banging on the American ideals.

Now we’re back, and welcome to another a What If? A Marvel comic book series which examines what could’ve happened. Usually hosted by Uatu, The giant-headed Watcher of the universe.  This time, he has a stand in. A nerdy kid who’s invented an Internet modem that can connect to a parallel world. So what does he do? He surfs all these parallel universe websites to see what’s different.

What does he end up finding in a different universe? The Fantastic Four were Russian Cosmonauts from the 1950’s. The lineup, is, of course, a little different. We’ve got Reed Richards, but with a Russian sounding name with a POW American father and Russian peasant mother. Black Widow, now known as the Widow Maker, Colossus from X-men who is slowly losing his mind, and his sister, an angry KGB agent.

Reed’s powers work a little different. He can detach his limbs and head like a modern action figure. Widow, has the power of Electro. Colossus has his usual powers and his sister has the same powers to.

So after gaining their powers. Joesph Stalin uses them to secure Russia’s power on the international stage. After his demise, the team come under the control of the KGB. Reed begins to question the team’s missions as they stop fighting villains and soldiers and start fighting civilians.

After a fatal battle with the Avengers in Cuba, with both sides taking losses. Reed becomes the figurehead of Russia becoming a state for super beings, while Black Widow runs the state from the shadows. He heads back into the lab.

Wish I knew my history better. This might’ve happened.


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