With IFA in full swing, Acer has unleashed a series of new devices including the Predator 6, which looks remarkably like their new gaming tablet the Predator 8, except this time it’s a phone, and it comes packed with a deca-core processor.

With four front facing speakers and an almost gaming PC-esque red and black styling, the Predator 6 is a smartphone built for gaming as it comes bundled with a processor with 10 cores and 4GB RAM. It’ll also come with a 6-inch display and a 21-mega pixel camera.

Other details are pretty thin with no detail on which processor is going into the device, other than it’ll be a MediaTek chip, and no word on when it’ll launch and how much for.

Other than a handful of tablets designed specifically for gaming, I believe the Acer Predator 6 is the first smartphone designed with gamers in mind. We’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this one, and will be poking Acer for some more details.

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