When building a PC there’s a lot you need to consider, are all of the parts you’re purchasing compatible? Is one component going to need more processing power? Can your processor handle that? Is there enough cooling? It’s damn complicated for a noob such as myself, but what if your PC just clipped together like LEGO? Now that’s an idea.

That idea has become a reality though thanks to Acer who unveiled the Revo Build at IFA in Berlin this week. It’s a modular PC where consumers can stack different boxed components on top of each other to add more features and functions to the tower.

The Revo Build M1-601 is super small and runs Windows 10. The base model is fairly small, at just 125 millimetres square with a low-powered Intel Pentium or Celeron chip, and 32GB storage on board. This can of course be upgraded however with a 1TB external hard drive, for example, which sits in a case that slots nicely on top of the base.

Various other components can also be stacked on top of the base each of which are liked together using magnetic coupling and pogo pins, allowing you to add more as time goes on making a more powerful machine.

Unfortunately it seems you will be limited as to what you can have on your machine with Acer revealing that only five units can be stacked at once before you’ll be required to grab a more powerful unit. But there are plans to bring more external units to the outfit to bolster the fairly lacklustre guts inside the base.

Acer has yet to go into great detail as to how expandable the system is other than a spec sheet which mentions expandable hard drive, audio modules, projectors, and wireless charging plates which double up as a mobile charting unit.

For those hoping to easily build a system as powerful as some of the top spec PC’s out there, that still seems like a distant dream, but for those who want to be able to swap out the simple parts on the fly.

The Acer Revo Build is expected to land in Europe in October with a starting price of €199.

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