Yesterday you no doubt saw the tech world awash with news about Apple’s latest announcements, one of which being the new “revolutionary” Apple TV. Along with a series of new features around watching telly, the Apple TV seems to be the ideal device for gaming too, so it comes as no surprise that Activision has announced a bevy of games for the new set top box.

As you already probably guessed, Skylanders Superchargers will be coming to the Apple TV, much like it’s already set for iOS, in addition, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved will also be coming to the Apple TV. Much like these two games, who already have iOS counterparts, Guitar Hero Live will also be making the jump, allowing users to grab the new bluetooth-enabled guitar and lay down some riffs.

The game will be compatible with the same guitar being released for other platforms, whether you’re using it for Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad, which I’m sure is a huge plus.


“We jumped at the opportunity to bring back Guitar Hero in a cool new way with Guitar Hero Live and have been energised by the response from fans who have had a chance to play it so far,” co-studio head and creative director Jamie Jackson said. “We can’t wait for the game to launch next month and think people are going to get a kick out of living their rock star fantasy on consoles, mobile devices and Apple TV this autumn.”

Whether Guitar Hero Live for iOS and Apple TV will come with much the same features as the console counterparts remains to be seen, but it’s likely that the Guitar Hero TV part of the game, where the multiplayer features will be found, will definitely land on the new devices.


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