I don’t see the appeal myself, but I know there are folk out there who love watching ITV’s popular period drama, Downton Abbey, and while the sixth season doesn’t start for another few days, Activision has just announced that a Downton Abbey mobile game is coming to iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

So what’s the point of the game? Essentially it’s a classic hidden object game which is focussed around the characters within the show, with many of them appearing within the game. There seems to be a mystery afoot, and it’s up to you to solve it.

Check out the first trailer above for a closer look at the game.

Much like the show, it’s probably going to be a huge success, and the show’s target audience also being avid mobile gamers, this could be a pretty clever move for Activision.

Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor is available via iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play, absolutely free, though there are a number of in-app purchases allowing you to keep the game going.

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