Good old Activision is being the hero that players need right now, especially players of Destiny on last-gen consoles. You see, due to the huge nature of the latest update for the game, some users just can’t install it, meaning they’re missing out on important parts of the story, so Activision is giving away 32GB USB drives so those players can install the game.

With a brand new update rolling out recently as well as the looming launch of The Taken King, users are finding that the game is now just too big for some last-gen consoles. Fortunately, Activision announced a little while back that effected last-gen players who could demonstrate that they were “existing and active” would be offered a solution.

According to GameSpot, that solution comes in the form of a 32GB USB 3.0 drive which Activision has been mailing out to certain players. One player reached out to Activision and received their drive, but currently there’s no option to install the patch to the drive and run the game via the disk, but Actvision is said to be releasing another patch that’ll allow these files to be installed, and to run from the USB device.

Of course, with this news there’s likely going to be swarms of players lining up for a free USB Stick, but it looks like only reeeeeealy active players will be able to grab one.

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