the hulk cho

No, don’t worry, Mark Ruffalo is still the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and no Edward Norton hasn’t changed his name, and no, Eric Bana hasn’t changed his name either.

Just as an FYI, I totally thought Thor was going to be the new Hulk… The moral of this story? Always read the story properly.

So, if you didn’t know, most of this year Marvel has been building up towards a huge continuity reboot for all their titles. A complete continuity reboot which will see characters being put into new situations, histories, and the norm being turned up on its head.

So far, we know that the Iron Man armour will be inhabited by someone other than Tony Stark, the ever struggling Peter Parker will become a jet-setting billionaire, Miles Morales and Peter Parker will be Spider-man at the same time, and the Fantastic Four seem to have disbanded – can’t imagine why.

So, what’s the big twist with the Hulk, the gamma-powered monster who turns into a giant green muscle ball of rage when he gets angry? Amadeus Cho, that’s what.

“Amadeus Cho?” You say with confusion. “Who an Earth is he?”

Well he’s one the smartest people in the universe next to Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Where is Bruce Banner? He’s around, but is he still a Hulk? We’ll have to find out.

Cho hangs out with the Greek God Hercules and uses his superior intellect to outwit his opponents. So, that’s the another one of the core Avengers who’s received another successor, with The Falcon as Captain America, a female Thor, a new Iron Man and now a new Hulk.

Is this permanent or temporary? It’s likely temporary, but these changes should be enjoyed, even if the replacement hero device is used to show how a character should not be sometimes.

the hulk cho

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