A few short months ago I remember my wife and I having a conversation about Amazon’s new local collection service here in the UK, a deal which allowed newsagents in the UK to be in receipt of your package so you get it much sooner. From here Hayley said that Amazon should put packages in the hands of commuters, they’re travelling anyway, so why not make use of that? I think Amazon just stole my wife’s idea.

Amazon has recently announced Amazon Flex which, in short, is basically Uber for your packages. It puts your package in the hands of the Average Joe who’s opted into Amazon’s delivery service as a self-employed courier.

Starting Tuesday, in Amazon’s home of Seattle, the company will begin paying people “$18-25 per hour” to deliver Amazon Prime Now packages using their own vehicles.

Amazon Flex is set to eventually launch in a number of major markets in the US, specifically major Amazon Prime Now markets, such as New York, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore, Austin, Indianapolis, Portland, and Atlanta.

Amazon have their heads screwed on right though as not just any Tom, Dick, and Harry will be able to turn up with a car and collect a boot full of packages, those interested will need their own cars, have valid drivers’ licenses, be over the age of 21, pass a background check, and own an Android smartphone.

For those interested, the announcement page does have a sign-up form and a FAQ answering any questions you may have. Though there’s currently nothing detailing whether Amazon has anything in place to deal with late arrivals (drivers will need to deliver packages within the aloted Amazon Prime Now hourly slot. Though I’m sure all will become clear as this program takes off.

There’s currently no word as to whether this will be something Amazon plans to roll out of the US, though Amazon Prime Now will need to be available in other regions first, presumably.

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