Following the launch of iOS 9, Apple also launched their first app into the Google Play Store and Android fans aren’t happy.

Apple’s new “Move to iOS” app is an easy way for those who use Android, to import their contacts, media, and more over to iOS, if they choose to do so. Unfortunately for Apple, Android fans have taken this as a direct attack and in response, have given it the lowest rating possible.

It came as no real surprise that Apple’s first official app in the Google Play Store was an app to help users jump ship. It also comes as no surprise that Android users have reacted in such a way too, adding over 2,700 one star ratings (at time of writing) to Apple’s new app.

After sifting through a few of the comments, most of which are just full of people spewing hate for Apple and their closed platform. This reveals a number of things. The first is just how easily a five-star rating system can be exploited, regardless whether the user rating the app has actually used it.

move to ios app

It also shows the Android community’s hate for Apple, which is fine. It’s just a shame it’s represented by a number of vitriolic comments and immaturity. Some however do have a good point, as an app like this would be rejected from the App Store as per Apple’s developer guidelines:

3.1 Apps or metadata that mentions the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected

No matter how hilarious or disappointing you find this situation, it does spark the question, will this cause app stores to rethink their review system? Users don’t even need to open the app to write a review, they can just download, “review”, and uninstall, and it’s not just Google, Apple users can do the same thing too. The same can be done with five-star reviews too, of course.

It’s all just a bit of a mess and this is a prime example of why.

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