I’m not sure if I totally missed the memo, but I’m pretty sure Google have been quite coy as to when Android Pay is to officially launch. Though for those of you in the states it doesn’t matter any more as it’s now available in the US! Huzzah! We still have no idea when it’s launching in the UK however.

Android Pay’s launch has been popping up a number of times over the past couple of months as many retailers have been preparing their stores for more contactless payment via mobile, despite Google not actually offering a release date for the mobile payment system.

Fortunately it’s here now and supports MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards from numerous major US banks. There are a few exceptions however as Citibank and Wells Fargo are yet to be added, though Google say that’s coming soon, along with other banks.

Apparently Android Pay will work for over one million businesses in the US, a few of which they’ve listed in this wonderful graphic:Inapp_Logo_grid6-hi-res

Of course, you’re probably wondering if Google is ditching Google Wallet, something which many have been using in a similar fashion to Android Pay for a few years now. Fortunately that won’t be the case, but Google Wallet will now switch to a more PayPal-like peer-to-peer payment system.

Google Wallet, though had similar functions, still required a lot of effort in order to be used. Android Pay on the otherhand simply requires the user to unlock their device and scan their device at the terminal. It’ll also work with the finger print functions found in the new Android Marshmallow OS which is launching later this year.

As for Android Pay in the UK. A number of terminals around Britain are already displaying the Android Pay icon, but sadly there’s no word officially as to when the mobile payment system will arrive.

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