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I’m sorry for being so blunt, but it’s true. Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed an increasing number of Facebook users sharing something which is utterly ridiculous. Apparently if you share it, Facebook won’t charge you £5.99 (yep, GBP) to make your posts private.

I’m not one to call people out often, but this is just dumb, and I’ll be first to admit that it aggravates me more than it should…

A new viral Facebook hoax is going around the popular social networking site which claims Facebook is set to begin charging a subscription fee of £5.99 a month to keep your information and statuses private. Uh huh. BUT if you copy and paste a paragraph, Zuck and the gang will make sure you get to bypass these fees. Right.

Here’s the full post in verbatim:

Now it’s official! It has been published in the media. Facebook has just released the entry price: £5.99 to keep the subscription of your status to “private”. If you paste this message on your page, it will be offered free (I said paste not share) if not tomorrow, all your posts can become public. Even the messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed. After all, it does not cost anything for a simple copy and paste

Now, let’s just break that down for a second. A company, whose headquarters is in the US and does most of their business in US dollars, is deciding to charge GBP for them to keep “the subscription of your status to ‘private'”, how does that make any sense?

I saw this post pop up on my feed yesterday, which by that logic, today Facebook should be asking me for £5.99 to keep the subscription of my status to “private” and guess what… it hasn’t happened.

Not to mention the line “it has been published in the media”. Has it? Where? It’d be nice if it were backed up with a source of some sort? Oh wait, that’s because it’s a bucket load of bollocks. Still that hasn’t stopped people sharing it.

Even Facebook themselves have found it necessary to ensure users that this isn’t a real claim saying:

While there may be water on Mars, don’t believe everything you read on the internet today. Facebook is free and it always will be. And the thing about copying and pasting a legal notice is just a hoax. Stay safe out there Earthlings!

Now. I’m not exactly sure what the aim of this post is. I know for me, it’s helped me weed out the idiots from my Facebook feed, but the person who created this, what do they get out of it? I suppose it’s the kick they get from thousands of morons sharing the status panicking that their opinions of the Great British Bake-off will be shared with the world, or it’s perhaps a way of enlightening people that they really should take note of privacy settings on Facebook?

Being private on Facebook is probably the biggest oxymoron in this day and age, but if you want to make sure ne’er-do-wells aren’t oggling at your statuses and profile pictures, it’s as simple as heading to the little padlock icon on the desktop version of the site:

facebook lock

If you’re on mobile, head to the menu (labelled “More” on iOS), scroll to the bottom and look for Privacy Shortcuts, from here you can edit your privacy settings on the fly.


image1 (1)

From a psychological stand point, it is actually really interesting to see something like this spreading as it not only shows people expressing concerns for privacy and not doing anything about it, you also have the most blunt example of blind trust, with most people sharing the post because a loved one, family member, or someone they know, initially shared the post.

It’s just a shame it makes people look like idiots.

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