Apple Might be Ditching the 16GB iPhone After All

Earlier this year rumours suggested that Apple might be ditching the 16GB option when they unveil their next iPhone later this month, but other rumours confirmed that this may not be the case. According to our source however, that might not be the case after all.

Our source, who would only talk with the assurance of anonymity, has revealed that Apple is currently recalling a number of items which aren’t being replenished, ahead of their scheduled event on September 9.

In amongst those products are every model of iPhone other than the iPhone 6 with 16GB memory, this has caused us to speculate that the earlier rumour of Apple ditching the 16GB memory option may very well be true, as the 16GB iPhone 6 will remain in place of a 16GB iPhone 6s or iPhone 6c.

Our source also believes that along with the expected iPhone 6s, Apple is expected to release an iPhone 6s+ and an iPhone 6c, something which again has been rumoured previously.

Though this is far from a confirmation, it seems odd that Apple would recall almost all versions of the iPhone ahead of the September 9 briefing, other than the 16GB iPhone 6.

Elsewhere, our source also believes that an iPad Mini 4 is set to be unveiled, a new Retina iMac, and possibly a Retina MacBook Air.

Though we trust our source enough to publish this information, there’s a possibility that the circumstances written above could just be a coincidence, though we feel that it’s unlikely.

We’ll find out for sure on September 9.

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