iPhone 6s feature

People are batty for the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus according to Apple who has revealed that since launch on Friday, September 25 the company had sold over 13 million units.

This is a brand new record for the company who sold just 10 million units during the same time last year, and just 9 million units the year before that. Though there’s a reason for the sharp bump in sales.

Along with a launch in the US and UK among other western countries, Apple also sold the iPhone in China on day one too, a region that’s been totally Apple mad since the company started selling devices there.

Nonetheless it’s still a massive milestone for Apple as their popularity continues to grow despite tougher competition from other smartphone manufacturers.

Apple also announced that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be available in 40 additional countries on October 9, starting with Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan with a total of 130 countries selling the new iPhones by the end of the year.

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