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Today at their event in California this evening, Apple announced a range of new Apple Watch colours and brands, along with the release date of WatchOS 2.

To kick start the event today Apple skipped the numbers and sale data from events of the old days to jump right into the update to the Apple Watch. Starting off, Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch has received a customer satisfaction rate of 97% which is an insane number for a product that is only a few months old. This is then made more impressive with the follow up announcement which revealed that over 10,000 Watch apps are now currently in the App Store.

The big news however that made the Apple Watch section of the event so exciting is the announcement of a number of new models and colours. The first big news is a partnership with Hermes to bring a new designer band and a digital watch face to the Apple Watch. The band will be available in three different styles and will go by the name of Apple Watch Hermes which will release in October to a select number of stores.

Additionally, there is a new Gold and Rose-Gold Apple Sport Watch that look really nice and will be met with a number of new colour sport bands to finish the look. There is a improvement to the Space Black stainless Apple Watch which will now have a full black sport band and a new classic leather band will now be available with a two-tone look. Lastly a new (Product) RED Sport band will be on offer to for Apple Watch which will see a portion of the sales going to Global Fund to fight AIDS. The new bands and the Gold and Rose-Gold Apple Watch will be available in the same sizes and prices as the current Apple Watch Sport line up.

Apple Watch

Everything announced today, other then the Apple Watch Hermes, will be available today in over 24 countries with watchOS 2 coming September 16th.

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