Later today Apple is set to unveil a number of new devices at their “Hey Siri” conference, but a new leak just hours ahead of the official unveiling has revealed that Apple’s next iPhone could have a persistent “Hey Siri” function.

Currently, iOS 8 supports a hands-free “Hey Siri” function, but it’s only available whenever the device is plugged into a power supply. This implementation is ideal for those using their device in the car where their iPhones are plugged into the car’s power supply, but when out and about, users still have to press the button to activate Siri in order to ask a question.

In the next version of iOS and on the new iPhones, this function could become persistent meaning that whether your iPhone is plugged in or not, you’ll simply be able to ask “Hey Siri” without touching your phone and get instant feedback on your questions.

This speculation comes via AppleInsider who has apparently heard from sources that Apple’s name of the event, “Hey Siri”, is more than just an ironic name and hints at an upcoming feature.

This always-on Siri function will be a direct competitor with Google’s hands-free “Okay Google” command, something that’s been available in Android for some time.


There are no official details on whether this is set to become a reality and whether it’ll be part of iOS 9 or just the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Though we don’t have too long to wait.

Tune into Apple’s conference today at 5PM UK Time where you can expect to see new iPhones being announced, new iPads, a new iMac, and a new Apple TV – at least, that’s what the rumours suggest.

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