When Batman Arkham Knight launched in June, everything seemed to be going well, at least for console players, anyway. On PC however, it was a completely different story that had some unable to actually play the game. Fortunately a patch has finally arrived that has fixed everything wrong with the game, sadly Warner Bros. has just pulled it.

Sales of the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight were suspended in June following the sheer amount of problems the game had for some players. This included both digitally and physically until Warner Bros. and Rocksteady could bring the PC version up to the same standards as the PC version.

Fortunately for those waiting on the long-awaited patch, it’s here and according those who had opted into the beta testing for the patch, it has solved all of the game’s problems. Sadly, the patch was pulled almost immediately.

According to Kotaku, a small number of players have been able to download the patch – which has since been reversed with a new patch for the game, likely due to it not being ready for public release – have found that the game is performing well.

Amongst the various fixes, the smooth 60FPS gameplay with settings maxed, is now a possibility, one of the main problems found at launch, also varioud performance issues have also been fixed.

Both Warner Bros. and Rocksteady announced that a patch fixing the game won’t be ready until September, so this patch comes in line with that and should be fully released soon enough.

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