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Harmonix and Tilting Point reveal Beat Sports for the Apple TV

Not on Xbox or PlayStation. On Apple TV!


You’re probably aware by now in order to play some video games, you need to buy a TV, then a console, then the actual game itself, but what if I told you that you can now skip the second step in that process? Well now you can, sort of, as Harmonix and Tilting-Point have come together to bring us Beat Sports for the new Apple TV set top box.

Harmonix and Tilting point revealed the news during Apple’s conference in California on Wednesday. According to Harmonix and Tilting-Point, Beat Sports is a collection of musically infused mini games that are based on different sports like volleyball, tennis, and golf.

Harmonix, the developers behind Rock Band and Dance Central, are more capable than anyone too make this type of game. Tilting Point too are known as one of the best partners for the top independent development teams. Tilting Point have released games like Leo’s Fortune by developer 1337 that won the 2014 Apple Design award. So Harmonix and Tilting Point are both well equipped to make this game a success.

Harmonix aren’t the first to announce games specifically for the Apple TV, Activision has also announced a trio of titles coming to the tiny Apple TV box, and it likely won’t stop there.


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