Bethesda recently tweeted about Fallout 4 revealing that all of the dialogue for the game had been completed. How many lines of dialogue would you guess Fallout 4 has? If you said 110,000 lines of dialogue then you are correct! Now for those of you that are asking “110,000? Is that a lot?” To answer that, Bethesda put it into perspective: It’s more lines of dialogue then Skyrim and Fallout 3 put together.

You can see that Bethesda has really taken a interest in the way dialogue works. They’re using a similar third person camera during dialogue, as that found in the Mass Effect series. It’s good seeing that Bethesda takes inspiration from different games, you can tell their goal is to make a good game and not to shamelessly cash in on a well known franchise. They have even added some features that were inspired from certain mods for Fallout 3, like building your own base.

Even though the Fallout franchise have always been amazing bar-setting games, Bethesda still finds ways too improve it.

Fallout 4 is set to release on November 15 2015, and with the huge post apocalyptic world and full mod support and also the improvements in dialogue and many other things Fallout 4 looks to be one of the main contenders for game of the year.

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