Activision and Sony have teamed up to create the most perfect PlayStation 4 for the Autumn season. This brand new Black Ops 3-themed PlayStation 4 with 1TB HDD will look perfect against the orange leaves of Autumn.

Set to launch this November 6, along side the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, this new PlayStation 4 bundle comes with a copy of the game, a Jet Black finish, with bright orange highlights, and a huge “III” emblem on the side.

The DualShock 4 controller also hasn’t gone untouched with the same grey colouring with equally bright orange buttons, d-pad, and thumbsticks.

If you’re into having a really loud console in your home, then this console is definitely for you, and with the hefty 1TB hard drive, you’ll be able to ensure you have enough room for all of that early Call of Duty content. Mmmm… Exclusivity.

You can pre-order the console now, though it won’t come in time for Halloween, which is a real shame. Oh, and for those who don’t particularly want to be kept awake at night with the obnoxious glow, you can also grab a standard PS4 bundle that also includes the base game and the Nuk3town pre-order bonus.


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