Jagex have been pretty busy with Runescape as of late, but let’s not forget the company’s latest title, the first person shooter block building arena hybrid, Block N Load, which is set to get a handful of new characters next week.

It seems the team have been busy working on a handful of new heroes for players to play with, and these three new characters are certainly full of it.

Introducing Yury the Yeti, Vander Graff, and Kira Chan.

This triple whammy is set to completely shake-up the game when they launch next week, with each character once again having their own unique ability which adds further variety to the game.

So, who are our new friends and what do they do?


First off we’ve got Yuri the Yeti, this character brings Cold War tactics to the battlefield with three snow-themed weapons set to bring a chill down everyone’s spines. His main attack is simply throwing snowballs at his enemies, then he’s armed with the SnowThrower 6000 SUX, which fires a blizzard at anyone in its path. Finally, his special ability allows him to call down an avalanche.. Blimey.


Next up is Kira-chan, a kawaii J-Pop superstar singer which brings the pain with cute rainbows and kittens. Armed with a Kitty Launcher, which, well… Fire’s kitties at enemies. There’s also a customised SMG ‘Hidari & Migi’, and the ‘J-Pop star’ ability which turns every battle into an over the top J-Pop music video. KAWAII!


Finally, there’s Vander Graaf, a mixture of Daft Punk and that android thing from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Armed with Tesla Coils and Static Gloves bringing shocking destruction to his enemies. Oh and be sure to avoid his Lightning Cage ability however, otherwise you may find the results electrifying.

The three new characters will be launching into the game on Thursday, October 1.

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