Breath of Fire 6 is currently in it’s final testing stages in Japan and has recently completed it’s Android testing phase on September 15.

Capcom’s newest addition to the Breath of Fire franchise comes thirteen years after it’s most recent entry; Dragon Quarter.

Dragon Quarter went on to be the best selling game during its release week and sold over eighty thousand copies in Japan but was met with mixed reviews due to it’s massively different combat system and play style which Game Informer reviewed as: “If anything, Dragon Quarter will likely tear the Breath of Fire fan base apart…it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before”

Originally being announced at Capcom’s Network Game Conference back in August 2013, Breath of Fire 6 will be the first entry in the series to not be developed for console but for the ever-growing popularlity of iOS and Android mobile gaming platforms of Japan.

The game is being developed as a free-to-play game and once released will have online play and cross-platform save features.

A new trailer has been released showing more game play and a better look at the battle system (inc. dragon transformation)

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Unfortunately there’s no confirmation that it will ever be released outside of Japan but we can remain hopeful!

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