During a interview with Game Revolution at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom’s producer Matt Dahlgreen has assured players that there’ll be no on-disc DLC  for Street Fighter V.

In the interview he simply said, “there will not be on-disc DLC, for sure.”

Now why is this news? If you haven’t been following the situation with Capcom. A couple of years ago Capcom released Street Fighter X Tekken, and through certain glitches players found out that there was stored content in the disc that could only be unlocked by buying them, but not with in-game money, instead with real money.

How come this is a issue, well when you buy a game, it makes sense that you own everything that is on the disc and extra content is added in the form of DLC and expansions which you purchase later on.

So what Capcom was doing was basically charging you for something you already, in theory, own. So now you can see what the big issue is. After this was discovered it turned out that Capcom has done this on-disk DLC practice for multiple games.

With Street Fighter V, characters that are added to the game can be purchased using in-game money or using actual money, but you’ll be downloading them instead. I’m glad Capcom decided to nip it in the bud before things got really out of hand.

Street Fighter V is set to launch on PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

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