Google’s Deep Dream is neat, I will admit that. From a programming standpoint and from an artistic standpoint. But from a It’s-just-the-grocery-store-aisle standpoint, it’s like a really bad trip or something…

Here’s a good example. Allow me to introduce you to Pouff, the guy who made the video featured here.  The artists who is based in Austin TX took his camera on what would normally be a run of the mill grocery store trip, and then put the footage through Deep Dream to produce the music video. There are dog faces everywhere, and people who are moving look all sorts of odd. I personally would freak out if I walked into Target and this is what I saw, but that’s just me.

The Deep Dream program seems relatively simple to use, according to their site.  You simply upload your media, tell it what’s in it, then give it a random image and let it do its thing. Sounds like fun, something to do with your free time. Try it out and see what kind of trip you get.

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