Snap is a game that we’ve all played at some point in our lives. It’s a relatively simple game which requires players to draw a set of cards until two match, the first to spot this match and then yell “SNAP!” while slamming their hand down on the pile is usually declared the winner. Now, take that idea and multiply it by eight, and that my friends is Dobble.

Dobble sounds a little daft but it’s actually one of the most hilarious games I’ve ever played. It’s one of those games you’d play at Christmas while your drunk aunt accidentally tries to eat a stubbed out cigarette thinking its a peanut. It’s also great to get out during family game nights as something simple and fun to play.

The game can be played with either two players or more. Though the game says it’s for up to eight players, I could easily see 10 getting on with this game pretty well, though I imagine it’d become pretty hectic if 9 other people were also playing this game. It can also be played by almost anyone with a basic understanding of matching two objects.

That’s probably the great thing about Dobble, it’s accessible to almost anyone and once you get the basic idea of the game, you’re set to continue playing for as long as possible. It’s also possible to jump in and out of a game fairly simply making it an ideal party game, not to mention it comes in a robust but compact tin which keeps all of the cards safe so you can stick it in your hand-luggage or weekend bag and have something to do without lugging around a hefty box.

Can you find a match?

Now, I’ve realised that I’ve been banging on about Dobble for four paragraphs yet I’ve not actually explained what it’s about… Though I mentioned Snap above, it’s similar in concept but with one difference, every card has a match no matter what order you draw them, the challenge here is trying to find it.

With a total of 55 cards players must find a match between eight different symbols on each card and no matter how convinced you may be, every card has a match.

The game includes five mini-games which you and the other players can play, some are fairly straight forward, others add a level of complexity to the game. For example, The Towering Inferno, the first mini-game you’ll find in the included instruction booklet, requires players to begin with a single card with a draw pile in the middle, from here players flip their own card over and look for a match in their card and the card on the draw pile, once it’s been spotted, they yell out the symbol, grab the card, and the process starts all over again except this time, they have the last card they pulled from the draw pile to match to the new card on top of the pile. The winner at the end of it all is the one with the most cards.

Other mini-games, like Hot Potato, require players to begin with a single card, they then flip it over and try to match it with the other players’ cards, once spotted they yell out the symbol and ditch that card with that player. This is one of the more hilarious modes as the more players playing Dobble, adds an increasing level of difficulty as you’re trying to match a symbol on your card with a symbol on the cards of any other player. The loser is the player with the most cards at the end of the match.

Like I said, it’s like Snap but to the extreme.

I promise you, each of these cards has a matching symbol.

As for the quality of the game contents, the tin which the 55 cards come in is small, sturdy, and pretty robust. The creators of the game had travel in mind when coming up with a way to store the cards. As for the cards, we found that they were a little flimsy, especially considering the fast-paced nature of the game requiring you to, at times, battle over a card and in other cases putting a card on a pile as fast as you can. We have ended up with a few bends in the cards here and there but really, it doesn’t take anything away from the game, if anything it reminds you of the last time you played the game.

Overall, Dobble is an insane amount of fun and even if you’re a fan of board games or not, it’d be hard NOT to enjoy a game of Dobble.

You can grab Dobble from all good toy stores as well as Amazon and I even spotted the game in Tesco!

Thanks to Esdevium games for providing us with a set of Dobble to review.

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