Do you know what’s missing? A game where we can race multiple cars at the same time. Fortunately Different Cloth have our backs as Drive!Drive!Drive! is exactly that, and it looks INSANE.

Drive!Drive!Drive! is a chaotic racer where you control multiple cars on multiple tracks ad the same time. Though it’s worth noting that this is more of a race car manager as you don’t actually control all of the cars at the same time, your challenge is to switch between tracks to make sure things are going to plan, when you’re not in control, an AI takes over, but it’s a terrible driver, and could cost you.

What’s more, the AI opposition aren’t that great either and will often drive into walls, drive into your vehicle, and even drive backwards, which I must admit is pretty skilled.

Throw all of that onto a series of tracks with different conditions, such as the amount of gravity on each causing you to float away if you’re not careful, then you have what sounds like a pretty frustrating time.

It’s set to launch on PS4 and PS Vita in 2016. No confirmed date or price has yet been revealed.

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