SEGA and The Creative Assembly has this week unveiled a new expansion for their latest Total War title, Total War: Attila. The The Empire of Sand Culture Pack as it’s called, will see three new factions coming to the game as well as a handful of changes which are set to mix up gameplay entirely.

The three new factions coming to the game are Aksum, Himyar and the Tanukhids, these new factions come as part of the new Desert Kingdoms cultural group, and include a number of changes that increase the importance of religion within the game.

In addition to the new factions, the DLC pack is also set to include new campaign and horde mode mechanics, events, and affs over fifty unique units to the grand campaign.

“With new objectives, skills, buildings, religious events, ancillaries and a series of new narrative event-chains for each faction, the Empires of Sand Culture Pack features a huge array of new content for ATTILA players,” wrote SEGA in the press release.

In addition to the paid DLC content, SEGA has also confirmed that on September 15 when this new DLC launches, players will also be able to feast on a free content update bringing an additional faction to the game. Details are being saved for later today during a fan-produced podcast.

The DLC will cost you around $15, but if you purchase before launch on September 15, you can get 10 per cent off.

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