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Prison Architect launches on October 6 and for those unfamiliar with the game from Introversion Software, the name pretty much gives it away. You’re tasked with building and managing your own prison. But in a new update from the developers, that’s not all you’re going to be doing.

When Prison Architect launches on October 6, players will be able to get their teeth into the core mechanics of the game thanks to five new story chapters one of two new additions to the game that players of the Early Access version are yet to play.

When diving into Prison Architect for the first time you’ll experience five unique stories, one of which has been a part of the game for some time; the task to build an execution chamber for Edward. Now, there’s an additional four stories which act as a tutorial for the game.

Once that’s over, you’re pretty much left to your own devices, building your own prison, taming the wild inmates, and becoming the best prison builder you can be. If you get bored, you can just let things get out of hand, or you can try being on the other side of the bars with the new Escape Mode, a unique mode which puts you inside your own prison, with one task – escape.

You can lock yourself in your own prison or load a random facility and control a prisoner trying to break out. Whether it’s overpowering guards, raiding the armoury, or digging your way out with a spoon.

All of this and much more is set to land when the game finally launches into version 1 on October 6.

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