Final Fantasy XIV not on Xbox One, Head of Xbox Explains

If you have a Playstation 4, or are a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll know that it’s been available on the console for a substantial amount of time. Surprisingly, there still has been no official comment on whether or not it will be making its way onto the Xbox One.

Recently however, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has said: “this is due to business and platform exclusivity“. He proceeds to claim that “business deals change things and create platform-specific exclusives“; similar to Call of Duty DLC being released on Microsoft consoles a few weeks before being released on Sony.

Final Fantasy XIV not on Xbox One, Head of Xbox Explains - n3rdabl3

[su_quote cite=”Phil Spencer; Head of Xbox”]Different kind of deals happen, and I know that’s part of this business, and maybe it’ll be my failing in the end, But it’s not something I specifically embrace with any deal that’s out there, whether it’s something else. It’s just not something I can explicitly talk to.

Personally, I have never played any games from the Final Fantasy series, however, I would definitely give it a try – if only they were on Xbox One.

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