We’ve all done it dudes and dudettes, had some geek envy. We’ve all looked at Goku and have said to ourselves “I probably need to start working out a lot more.” But let’s face it, exercise in the real world can be a bit boring.

It’s Nothing like the intense training Link has to go through, or Bruce Wayne’s extra-long gap year. So I’ve devised a list of nerdy spots which I wish were in the real world.

Snake Way from Dragon Ball Z – Running is probably one of the easiest exercises a person can do. You just need a long stretch of road ahead, and off you go. So how about letting a Saiyan pop a hole in you and have pleasant jog down the longest road ever? Just don’t fall off and enjoy the warm down exercises with King Kai and Bubbles at the end.


The Danger Room from X-men – If you like your exercise to a little more eventual and more dangerous whilst wearing a brightly coloured and contemporary styled uniform, then here you go. The training simulator for the X-men. You’ll face sharp pointy stuff, flames and robots, so it’s dangerous and you’ll break a sweat. Of fear and exercise.


The Holodeck from the Enterprise – Why am I being so specific about which holodeck? Because there is a huge glitch with the whole deck. A coding or hardware flaw somewhere, which just makes things so interesting. So if you fancy your exercise being intellectual, like taking part in a program about your favourite detective like Dixon Hill? That then goes wrong and you have to do some running and overpowering of rogue holograms, there you go. You can thank me later. Not if you end up in Sick Bay, though.


Beyond Wall Rose – Strap on your 3D Maneuver Gear and wear your running shorts. Not to baggy though because you’re going to be using your cardio and strength to avoid the Titans. Naked buffed up gym rats with weird smiles. Getting freaked out when you work out.


Have I missed one? Let me know in the comments!

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