Game Jams are fantastic ways for developers to really challenge themselves and create something that may not have come about if they were left to their own devices. Surgeon Simulator came about because of a game jam, so did Goat Simulator, and look how they both turned out. Now, thanks to a Ludum Dare game jam, a new sim is in the works… Ant Simulator.

Ant Simulator puts players in control of… you guessed it… an ant. Right now the game is in early Alpha, but the plan for the game is to have players survive as several species of ants with the task of finding and collecting resources, defending their colonies against other insects and ants, and much more.

Ant Simulator has actually been in the works since last year’s Ludum Dare Game Jam and recently came to my attention thanks to Destructoid. There’s currently no release plans yet, but the one-man development team at ETeeski, is constantly posting updates on YouTube.

Of course, with a fair bit of work to go, the game is really just an ant-walking sim at the moment, though hopefully in the future more features will be added (including VR). Though exploring such a detailed world as such a tiny being, is a pretty awesome experience as it is!


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