In a recently published Q&A page, Ghost Games has highlighted a number of things in regards to Need for Speed, their upcoming racer which hopes to be a reboot of the iconic series.

In the Q&A you’ll find a number of questions which you never thought to ask, which is great, and it reveals some pretty interesting things about the upcoming game. The first is the framerate, a hot topic with Need for Speed considering the PC release has been delayed due to that particular feature.

While the developers are hoping for an unlocked framerate on the PC version of the game, the console version will be locked at 30 frames per second. Something which may disappoint many, but according to Ghost Games:

By doing this we ensure that your gameplay experience remains incredibly smooth and allows you to experience the high speed, adrenaline fuelled gameplay that you’ve come to expect from the Need for Speed series.

One thing which may put a smile back on your face however is the news that Need for Speed won’t have any paid DLC and instead will receive a series of free updates. That means you won’t be paying for cars, tracks, liveries, and other things in the game.

Speaking of cars, all of the game’s cars will be available to you from the beginning, the only thing stopping you getting them is your ability to afford them within the game.

As for the size of the game, Ghost Games has revealed that Need for Speed has “approximately twice the amount of drivable roads than NFS Rivals.” That means Need for Speed is going to be pretty big.

You can check out the full Q&A here.

Need for Speed is set to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 3. The PC release is expected in 2016.

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