A brand new logo isn’t all Google have to offer us recently, a brand new feature has been rolled into the search engine this week in the form of a random fact generator! Just type “Fun Facts” into Google and you’ll be presented with a fact that could be fun, or it could just simply be mundane as finding out about how glue was made.

Aside from Google being the all-powerful ruler of the Internet, the company also has a lighter more fun side to it. I mean, what other company has slides which its employees use to get from one floor to another?

It’s latest stab at being fun is with a random fact generator which hopes to use its vast library of indexed websites full of knowledge to dish out facts like that weird uncle you see once a year at Christmas.

Fun Facts

Now, where Google’s random fact generator differs from the vast “factual” Twitter accounts, is its ability to actually share the source from where the information is from. A number of times a random fact had me wanting to know more, so I clicked through to the link and found more information.


If you’re done with that fact, you can “ask another question” in which Google will dish up another serving of factual information in the dynamic answer box. So if you’re feeling bored and want to bore everyone else around you with pointless snippets of information, here’s your perfect source!

Thanks Goog!

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