You read right, it seems Google has killed off Glass and has gone back to the drawing board taking the ambitious wearable back to “project” status. Either that, or they’ve shelved Glass completely, in favour of a new wearable.

Though Google hasn’t commented specifically on the current status of Glass, a new report suggests Google has scrapped the “Glass” name for its Augmented Reality glasses and have started afresh with Project Aura, yep, Aura – because that won’t be confusing.

With a similar name to their modular smartphone project, Project Ara, don’t expect these new specs to come with a bunch of attachable modules. It seems the new team, which Google is apparently hiring for, a new version of Glass may be one of the many things that this new initiative could tackle.

So far, Google has hired someone from Amazon, who worked on the Fire TV and the Amazon Echo, suggesting they could expand beyond augmented reality glasses and wearables.

Apparently the new initiative is still under Google’s wing and it’s an offshoot of the new parent company, Alphabet, which is even more confusing. What we can take from this however, is that Glass is as good as dead.


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