Darn these sudden flurry of Comixology sales. Why do they all come in one big go? Oh well, at least that means I get another chance to read some Grendel.

You remember Grendel right? That hyper-intelligent guy who take on the alter ego of novelist Hunter Rose and super-villain-genius, Grendel. The creation of Matt Wanger who proudly penned all of the tales of his own creation. Most of which are in black and white.

Grendel has also met Batman and The Shadow. These characters he shares some characteristics with. Being a skilled powerless human and all. So, after buying a whole omnibus of Grendel. What do I think of the character? Well..

Like most comic book characters, in a sense, they’re some kind of empowered reflection of the writer. The Grendel, is a genius, sauvé and super intelligent. Though, he’s missing one thing. A superior mode of transportation. Don’t worry, though, I’ve come up with solutions.

Behold, the following ideas I have to launch Grendel toy line.

Rocket Boots – Like those ones Spock used in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – Let’s be clear though, Star Trek V is just terrible – A team of Trekies could write a series of books on how bad it is. However those rocket boots Spock was sporting were pretty nifty. Something small and portable likr that could help the nimble footed Grendel on his criminal rounds.

The Black Power hover board from Power Rangers In Space – Of course we’re going to borrow from one of the most commercially naked franchises of all time. Remember Power Rangers in Space? The supposedly final season of The Power Rangers? Then it wasn’t? Well instead of having their tie-in motorbikes, the Power Rangers marketing friendly mode of transport was a hover board. Swift and nimble for cruising around New York for crime and stuff.

3D Manoeuvre Gear from Attack On Titan – Of course Grendel will have to fiddle around with the look of it to make it look cooler, I beat it’ll be more useful doing crime instead of Titans using you as an aerial smashing thing.

Do you have a better idea? Then I dare you to share it.

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