Last night the BBC aired its anticipated docu-drama, Game Changers, which was set to follow the story of the creation and release of Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular series’ of all time. However, after a fair amount of controversy, the guys behind Grand Theft Auto aren’t happy.

With an all-star cast, Game Changers looked to be something pretty interesting, but after Rockstar Games’ parent company decided to sue the BBC, the beeb went ahead with it anyway. The idea was to tell the story of the Houser Brothers, the creators of the game, and the things that happened following the release of the first Grand Theft Auto.

After the show aired last night, you’d think maybe Rockstar would be a little lighter about the 90-minute programme, but instead they took to their official Twitter account to berate the BBC calling the show “random, made up bollocks”.

Rockstar have always been very secretive about the behind the scenes goings on, so it comes as no surprise that the BBC may have had to dramatise the rich history of Rockstar Games. I mean, this is a docu-drama remember, not an out-and-out documentary actually starring those being portrayed on-screen.

I’m yet to actually watch it, but I hope to catch up on it tonight.

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