Let’s face it, other than being terrorised by random players or causing chaos yourself, the free mode in GTA Online isn’t very eventful at all. Sure, you might often catch a Gang Attack here and there, but other than that, the private event lobbys are where it’s at, but come September 15, that’s all about to change.

Rockstar has today announced that in an update on September 15, GTA Online’s free mode is about to get so much better. This is because a bunch of new Freemode Events are set to make a splash in the game. These events are completely optional but are availably to everybody on the map to take part in together.

There are no loading screens, no pre-game lobbies, it all happens in real time on the server whether there’s a whole host of players online or just a small handful. They’ll trigger every 12 minutes in the free mode, and you can choose to hop in, or sit it out.

These Freemode Events range from Hunt the Beast; where one player has superpowers and everyone else must hunt them down, to Penned In; a game mode which players must stay within a moving arena for as long as possible while knocking other players outside – if they fall out of the circle, their vehicles explode.

According to many who have had hands-on with the new Freemode Events, there are a ton of games available each requiring a various set of skills, or lackthereof. Rockstar also shared a trailer of the new events which you can see above. It actually looks pretty spectacular.

In addition to these new Freemode Events, the Rockstar Editor is also coming to consoles in this update so you can expect to find a pretty substantial update file waiting for you on September 15.


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