So, who is Gwen Stacy? Well, she was one of Spider-man’s love interests who was killed by the Green Goblin and was always Peter Parker’s “one that got away.” Since she was portrayed by Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-man, the character has returned to the shores of comic books during the Spider-verse event.

This event saw all the Spider-man characters of parallel worlds come together including Gwen Stacey, AKA Spider-girl. She came from a world where she was bitten by the spider and not Peter.

Now however, we’ve got Gwenpool, a cross between Gwen Stacy and Deadpool. So there you go, long story; short.

Short story; long however, according the big booming voice of Marvel:

“She’s smart, she’s charming, and she can shoot and stab her way through a gaggle of Hydra goons before you know it! And she’s coming to our universe for special backup stories”

Where are these backstories? In HOWARD THE DUCK #1 – #3 – written by Christopher Hastings with art by Danilo Beyruth!

How does the Marvel Universe’s legal duck fit in? Well;

“A stranger in a strange land, she’ll enlist the aid of someone who knows a thing or two about being from an alternate universe – Howard the Duck! Now birds of a feather, the Marvelous Mallard is about to show Gwenpool the ins and outs of her new home – the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe!”

So basically, imagine two characters that have caught the imagination of readers and nerds alike being fused together to get your attention and boom, that’s the whole premise right there.

So, Gwenpool will turn up in November in the pages of Howard the Duck and then she’ll get her own special in December. Just to remind you that Deadpool is now everywhere. He’s even in the below images:


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