After a fairly confusing release announcement and a recently announced delay, Io Interactive has finally unveiled a solid release plan for the upcoming Hitman game which will now launch on March 11 in two flavours.

When Hitman was first fully unveiled at E3 earlier this year, Io Interactive detailed the game’s release quite oddly, the game would be a full launch, but more content would come later down the line. It definitely felt episodic, but Io Interactive assured everyone that it wasn’t. Then came the delay due to them wanting to have more content at release, and now, we have a release date and a more understandable release schedule.

So, on March 11, players will be able to purchase Hitman. It’ll come with three locations, Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh – featuring six campaign missions. In addition, the Contracts mode will be making a return, with a combined pool of around 800 targets which players can craft Contracts with.

In addition to this, Io Interactive also detailed the game’s post-launch updates that’ll add a further three missions from April all the way to June.

“Each location will come with additional missions, signature kills and more Contracts targets – and of course new disguises, weapons and ways of taking out your target. April takes you to Thailand, May will see you visiting the United States of America and June sends you across the globe to Japan,” Io Interactive wrote in a blog post.

Finally, live content will also be coming to the game in the form of weekly IoI developed Contracts, as well as promoted content built by the community. Think of it like how Rockstar has released content for GTA Online.

Now, as for release, players will be able to choose from two copies. For the full retail price of $59.99 (or country equivalent) players will get everything. The first three locations, the post-launch missions, everything. For a much cheaper price however, players can purchase the Intro Pack which for $34.99 (or equivalent) will offer the first three locations, the live events, and Contracts. If you decide to upgrade to the full version later down the line, that’ll cost you $29.99 and will grand you all future content too. In total, that’s $64.98, so it’s probably worth going for the full game to save you a couple of dollars.

Io Interactive also launched a lovely infographic detailing everything you’ll get depending on the purchase you make:


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