The iPhone 6S falls into many peoples hands today and with queues around the block at Apple Stores, those with pre-orders are waiting by the door for the post man. iFixIt on the other hand, have been busy pulling apart the new device.

In their tear-down they’ve revealed that the new iPhone 6S comes with a fairly smaller battery than the iPhone 6, with the new device sporting a 1715mAh battery compared to the larger 1810mAh battery in the last model. This is likely due to the addition of the Taptic engine which gives feedback based on the new 3D Touch Display.

Speaking of which, the new display is pretty bulky in comparison weighing in 15 grams heavier at 60 grams. It’s also thicker than before, which we also knew about – again this is due to the new technology found in the display.

Elsewhere in their tear-down, iFixIt looked at the new cameras and two microphones, and offered a fairly good repairability score of 7 out of 10, though thanks to the new components in the screen, it may be much more difficult to replace screens due to accidental drops – something that isn’t actually mentioned in the tear-down.



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