We’re not far away from the announcement of Apple’s next iPhone, likely to be called the iPhone 6s. Previous rumours have suggested this device is set to be thicker than the current generation but only by a very small amount. The latest information and images from MacRumors has reiterated that.

The site has pictures of an iPhone 6s assembled from parts. It measures 7.08mm in thickness compared to the 6’s 6.9mm.

It’s interesting that it’s going to increase because that doesn’t really follow Apple’s trend. Previous ‘s’ devices have been the same thickness as their predecessors (for example the 4s is the same thickness as the 4). Then Apple would reduce the size for the next version- iPhone 5 for example. There hasn’t been an increase in the thickness of one of their phones since the iPhone 3G, which was 12.3mm compared to the iPhone 2G’s 11.6mm. You could also argue that increase was due to the iPhone 3G having a more curved design.

Previous rumours have suggested one of the main reasons for the increase in size in the 6s is for the inclusion of Force Touch. MacRumors also highlights the change in aluminium for the body of the phone to address any lingering concerned over bending.

The 6s also is marginally taller and wider. It measures 138.19mm tall compared to 138.1mm on the 6 and it’s 67.68mm wide compared to 67.0mm on its soon-to-be predecessor.

MacRumors calculates that the thickness will be an increase by nearly 3%. We’ll have to wait and see if the 6s will fit in cases for the current model. Due to the fact that the increase is pretty minimal, one would expect that there won’t be too many problems.

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