Jagex, the company behind the ridiculously popular MMORPG RuneScape, have today announced the release of DarkScape, a game they describe as “cutthroat and fresh twist” on the player versus player sandbox experience set in a shadowy alternate version of the RuneScape universe.

DarkScape is completely free-to-play and allows players to access areas of Gielinor once reserved only for RuneScape members, in a world divided into low, mid and high risk areas, each with their own economies. If players want to get the best gear possible, they’re going to need to venture into the more dangerous regions.

DarkScape differs most noticeably from RuneScape in that PvP is not restricted to certain areas – on the contrary, even the fortified cities and their guards won’t protect players from the constant threat of attack in DarkScape’s Gielinor, a threat that only increases as players move further and further away from civilisation. This will most likely end up meaning players will be teaming up not as valiant adventurers, but as thieves, cutthroats and bandits. Or maybe just to survive, whatever floats your boat!

It’s definitely an interesting take on encouraging particular player interactions in a massively multiplayer online game – Good luck to Jagex with DarkScape’s launch!

DarkScape can be played from here, with no extra downloads required if players already have the RuneScape client.

Take a look at DarkScape’s launch video above.

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