In the first trailer for Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, our titular character doesn’t really like mornings, I mean, who does? Even if mornings are at almost 3 in the afternoon for some people.

In Marvel’s Jessica Jones we’re back in Hell’s Kitchen, but this time there’s no blind street heros causing chaos, this time it’s Jessica Jones and though the trailer doesn’t reveal much, what it does reveal is that Jones has a pretty mean grip.

Much like Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones will be a much darker telling of the Marvel comic and picks up just after Jones hangs up her cape as a super hero and decides to take on the role of a private detective, though clearly she can’t leave those super hero powers behind.

Jessica Jones along with Daredevil will make up a foresome of shows, with Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows to follow, which all make up The Defenders, a team of street heroes who are set to clean up Hells Kitchen.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones launches on November 20 exclusively on Netflix.

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