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Konami is the company that just keeps making waves with every new turn they make. They rumour mill has started up again, this time reports say that Konami will be ceasing to make all triple-A titles apart from the PES series. These reports come from French gaming site Gameblog, which Eurogamer understands both reports to be true, and entails that Konami plans to finish working on MGS:Online but doesn’t have plans to release another AAA MGS title. A tweet from a composer who works on Konami titles also seems to support this rumor.

Konami seems to be all over the place recently, after the entire Kojima debacle,  right before the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, arguably Konami’s flagship series. This is hardly surprising as Konami have previously stated that they want to move towards the casino industry, including pachinko machines and such. They have also said they wish to focus “aggressively” on mobile titles, as reported in this translated NeoGAF post.

So things are not looking good for anyone but PES fans at the moment, and only time will tell what Konami decides to do. Well actually, this gives us a pretty good insight into the future:


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