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Last week rumours started to circulate suggesting that once again Konami was set to hand in the towel when it comes to AAA video game development, bar the PES series, and focus elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, once again, Konami has denied those rumours.

The latest report suggested that Konami’s only AAA title would be the PES series, with the reports being backed up by ex Konami employees. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, with the publisher stating that they’ll continue to work on games such as Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

Nintendo Life managed to grab an official statement from the company which reads:

[su_quote style=”default”]I can promise you that we’re definitely not leaving Metal Gear behind or anything like that. I know some blogs were claiming that online this morning, but I’m not really sure where they’d be getting that from.

We’re still definitely working on console games and franchises such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, PES and all the rest.

It’s worth noting however that this statement is from Konami Customer Support rather than the PR Team, so read into that what you will. Konami PR have previously stated however:

Our aim is to continue to build up a comprehensive portfolio of console, arcade, and card game titles for each IP while also making the best possible use of the mobile devices that accompany our customers in their daily life.

What’s the deal Konami?

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