A new trailer for Nintendo’s upcoming Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes has been released.

The story this time is based around rescuing the Princess Styla from a curse placed by an evil witch that has reduced our Royal Highness to a constant state of wardrobe malfunction that threatens to see the entire realm reduced to wearing potato sacks.

As strange as it is unique, the story line won’t be the main reason you’ll be playing this game as the cooperative game play once again looks delicious and has a new twist!

[su_quote cite=”Game director Hiromasa Shikata.”]I thought that, depending on which clothing you collected, it would impact how you navigated courses and would make them easier to move through. It’s not something as simple as this will make a stronger attacker, or this will give you a better defense. They’re really designed toward making you be able to navigate and clear a course.

zelda dress
Link, you look fabulous darling.

It look’s like the standard Zelda puzzle fare that we’ve come to love (and expect) You can choose to play on your own and use two “doppels” as your own personal step ladders and switch-pressers or swap them out for real friends during online play while utilising the new clothing system.

“Goron garb allows you to go through lava, the Kokiri suit will allow you to shoot three arrows.”

Sadly though the game won’t allow online play unless you have at least two real friends, so go take a wash and make some new ones!

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