Google is expected to unveil the next Nexus device on September 29 along side Android Marshmallow, but other than a few leaks and word that both LG and Huawei will be developing a Nexus device, we have no real clue what the new devices will be called. Fortunately a new leak clears that right up.

According to a report from Android Authority, the upcoming LG built Nexus 5 will be called the “Nexus 5X” though there’s word that even Google are yet to settle on a final name. The device is said to begin at $400, around $50 more than the previous Nexus 5 device which launched in 2013.

The Nexus 5X name does make sense, considering for a while last year’s Nexus device was rumoured to be called the Nexus X, though Google went ahead with the Nexus 6 name after all.

Android Authority has also confirmed that the images seen in previous leaked are legitimate, it’ll sport a fingerprint sensor below the camera on the back of the device, and will sport a raised camera and dual-tone flash.

As per other rumours, the device will be available in a series of colours though will mostly have a plastic build. It’ll feature a USB Type-C port too. There’s also word that the $399 model will begin at 16GB with a 32GB model set for around $449.

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